Acrylic Nails Fort Collins


Nail styling is an art and we, at Timberline Nail & Spa, Fort Collins, are proud to say that we’re really good at it. Our Nail styling team will leave you amazed with what they can do with your nails.


At Timberline we understand that Nails are an important part of a woman’s hands and the way you fashion them has to be in line with your persona and expectations.


Timberline Nail & Spa specializes in styling nails with an array of designing options. The most ‘in-thing’ and popular of these being Acrylic Nail Arts. While of course we equally specialize in Gel Fill ins, and unique nail art.  Acrylic Nails are booming as a crazy trend and popularly preferred by most of our customers. Our wide range of Nail Art designs will simply amaze you. Whether you would like to wear Oval Nails, Squoval Nails, Square Nails, Round Nails, Almond Nails, Timberline Nail & Spa has it all. Once you are done with the selection of your nail design, we then allow you to review our Nail Art designs wherein, you choose from a cool collection of abstract, mixed hues, imprint, object, floral, fauna and many other design types depending on your taste.


So, if you are suffering from short nails, weak nails, unshapely nails, there is no reason to despair! It’s just so common. Just come to us and we will set your nails right with Acrylic Nails. Fort Collins’ Timberline Nail & Spa is there to the rescue! We can relieve you of these issues almost instantly. The team of nail experts at Timberline Nail & Spa comes with a lot of expertise in caring for your nails. We also have an impressive range of nail art designs for kids. Given that our young ones are always spirited and have a craze for styling themselves just right, we understand this need and stock a beautiful range of nail art designs for little girls as well. So if you are wanting to treat your nails, do visit Timberline Nail & Spa; we offer some of the best Acrylic Nail Arts in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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