Eyelash Extensions Fort Collins

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Timberline Nail & Spa is a popular beauty salon located in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer a range of services that include caring and beautifying your nails, hands and legs. We also offer body waxing services as well as beautification services.


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but at Timberline Nail & Spa, we will convince you that beauty lies in your eyes! One of our specializations are our Eyelash Extension services and we’ll be happy to tell you about our services in that section.


Eyelash Extensions are a style statement that is simply booming these days. As the name itself suggests, Eyelash Extensions are nothing but an extension of your existing eyelashes. This styling of your eyelashes, where you apply extensions gives them a thicker and more fuller look, hence adding to the beauty of your eyes. There are multiple varieties of Eyelash Extensions that are available with us and depending on your choice you may select from a collection of Eyelash Extensions made up of either Silk threads, Mink hair or synthetic hair fiber.


Once you are done with choosing your preferred style in Eyelash Extensions, we then take you through the different ways and processes of how these can be applied to your own eyelashes. Customers want an absolutely natural look and for this we recommend one-on-one Eyelash Extension style, where every single extension is glued to a single eyelash. Such Eyelash Extension sets also come with a lot of customized lengths to give your eyes that angel look! So, if you are wanting dazzling Eyelash Extensions, Fort Collins’ Timberline Nail & Spa will amaze you with great Extensions applied with absolute care and gentleness.

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