Nails Fort Collins Colorado


If you are wanting to treat your nails, then come on to Timberline Nail & Spa located in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. With an entire range of offerings in nail care, we assure you that you will be thrilled to know more about what’s on our menu.


At Timberline we understand that Nails are an important part of a woman’s hands and the way you fashion them has to be in line with your persona and expectations.


Timberline Nail & Spa offer a range of services in care for nails. With the amount of tasks that ladies typically use their hands for and long duration’s of not treating your hands and nails can cause your hands to look aged and stiff. Moreover, without attending to your nails regularly, your cuticles will not only develop but grow harder and hurt more, plus the fact that your nails are prone to get brittle and cracking. So if you are experiencing a similar condition with your nails, Fort Collins’ Timberline Nail & Spa is there to the rescue! We can relieve you of these issues almost instantly. The team of nail experts at Timberline Nail & Spa comes with a lot of expertise in caring for your nails. We offer services right from a basic manicure / pedicure to giving you all the attention and pampering that your nails might require. Besides the routine soaking of hands / legs in warm water, dead skin exfoliation, trimming of cuticles and shaping of nails, one can opt for additional services like hot oil massages and paraffin wax coating which will soften and make your cuticles blend in with neighboring skin. Once done with caring for your hands, we also style them for you with great Nail Arts. These include a range of options of Acrylic designs and Gel fill ins. We also offer Nail care services for Kids too where you can choose from a variety of manicures, pedicures or simply nail polishing services, where we are happy to throw in nail arts for free.

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