Permanent Makeup – Fort Collins Colorado – Timberline Nail and Spa


Timberline Nail & Spa is a popular beauty salon located in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer a range of salon services that include caring and beautifying your nails, hands and legs, body waxing services as well as beautification services.


In beautification, besides simple makeup, we specialize in offering ‘Permanent Makeup’ services. Timberline Nail & Spa, has immense experience and expertise in doing ‘Permanent Makeup’ exercises and our customers will vouch for the wonderful results we have rendered.


With the help of our Permanent Makeup services, we can give you an altogether new look! If you have creases on your forehead, we can help erase them for you with our skin fillers techniques. If you feel your eyes are have gotten dull over time, then we can enhance their look by doing permanent eye-lining exercise on your eyes that will accentuate their look. You won’t ever need an eye liner after that! If your lips don’t have that wholesome look or perhaps are too thin to be noticed, then we can enhance the look of your lips with permanent makeup exercise outside the boundaries of your existing lip line. Our Lip line enhancement treatments not only give you beautiful lips but a million dollar smile too!


With our Permanent Makeup services, it is not only beautification that we do but in many cases we help rectify unwanted and embarrassing spots and pigmentation on the face. If you feel awkward about that unwanted mole of patch of skin which makes you try to cover up with a lot of foundation or routine make up, do consider visiting our team of skin experts at Timberline Nail & Spa and we promise we will impress you with our Permanent Makeup services and the wonders it can work for your face. We promise that your will love the new change that you will see in yourself and flaunt your new look.


So, if you are tired of that old look and want to treat it permanently, we have a solution. And if you get decided about Permanent Makeup, Fort Collins’ Timberline Nail & Spa will impress you with a newer, younger looking ‘You’!

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