Microblading an innovation in Permanent Makeup Fort Collins

It doesn’t matter if you like them bold, straight, arched, or feathered, eyebrows are your most important facial feature, and at Timberline we specialize in a unique and natural looking procedure called Microblading.

If your not satisfied  with the eyebrows you currently have but are interested in an option that delivers the most natural looking results, Microblading is the answer. Lee the permanent makeup technician at Timberline explains “Microblading is the ideal solution for those looking to define, reconstruct, to cover gaps, or fill in over plucked eyebrows.”

The process takes about two hours, the first step is meticulously draw the shape and design of your eyebrows, using a colored pencil. This is the longest and most important step. After the client is happy with the shape and design of the eyebrows, a topical numbing creme is applied to the area, as well as a liquid anesthetic. After about ten minutes the actual Microblading can begin. If your worried the experience is painful rest assured most clients only experience a slight discomfort and its relatively painless.

The healing process generally takes anywhere between 7 to 10 days. Unlike other procedures the look is completely natural, low maintenance, and affordable.  Waking up to perfect, natural looking eyebrows will be well worth the time and effort. Call Timberline Nails and Spa to book your Microblading appointment today.


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