Exciting Benefits of getting Permanent Make Up for your Lips

There have been many advances in Permanent Makeup technology. Mainly breakthroughs in perfect shade hypo allergenic pigments. Along with most advanced application technique PhiContour.  It is now possible to give your lips the fullness and allure that you desire, without the need for daily makeup.

Permanent MakeUp Lips
PhiContour Lips Bold

A quality PhiContour Permanent Make-up Service will compliment your lips in numerous ways. You can opt for just Lip Liner, Lip Blending, or full Lip coverage.

These possibilities address many issues such as excessively thin lips or lips lacking natural color. It can correct under defined lips or damage from the sun.

Considering Permanent Makeup? Not only does it give the benefit of saving countless hours applying makeup, Permanent Makeup will add an element of beauty and a boost of confidence. Let our Permanent Makeup Artist put you at ease with during the consultation process selecting the perfect procedure to give the added boost your looking for.

Permanent Makeup Lips
PhiContour Lips

For long lasting results we use only hypo-allergenic pigments which is deposited in the upper dermal layer of your skin . A typical numbing cream is applied making the procedure uncomfortable but not painful.

The procedure will generally take between two and half to three hours. Healing time generally will take between 5 to 7 days.  Included in your purchase a touch up procedure is recommend after 4 to 6 weeks. This maintenance will ensure the color is refreshed and we touch up any areas that may have faded during the healing process.

Furthermore with Permanent Makeup gone are the days of reapplying makeup throughout the day. No more cleaning it off your teeth. No more worrying about your makeup while on vacation or while traveling. Your Lips will always be bright a beautiful no matter what you are doing.

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