Amazing benefits of Microblading

Your eyebrows have an enormous impact on the overall appearance of your face, framing your other features and creating balance. Your Eyebrows convey your mood, and are essential for non-verbal communication. Microblading helps your brows look their best.What is Microblading? Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make up. Very similar to a tattoo without the use of a gun, Microblading deposits pigment into the epidermis layer of your skin giving you fuller thicker brows that compliment all the features of your face. The natural looking results are achieved using a sharp hand held tool, which places hair like strokes individually just beneath the skin. The pigment doesn’t go deep into the skin like a traditional tattoo this allows for strokes that are crisp, clean and mimic the look of real hair. Typical results with most skin types will last 2 years and up.

Reduce the stress of your daily morning routine.

Every professional woman takes a few minutes to look her best every morning. Penciling in your brows in the morning is a time consuming task. No more wasting energy to make your brows look presentable with Microblading.

Save some money

A good brow pencil will cost you a pretty penny and may not last very long. Microblading will leave your brows flawless and are ready the moment you are.

0% risk of color change

We’ve all witnessed the blue or pink brows that may have been left behind with other forms of semi-permanent makeup. With Microblading pigment will never change color, your results will slowly fade over time. All of our pigments are organic, and specifically made for the procedure.

Brows that will never smear, or smudge.

Regular brows will never make it thru a Pilates Class, the steam room, or a hot yoga session. With Microblading you can continue to enjoy a active lifestyle, while your brows still remain flawless.

Gets rid of your invisbrows.

Have your brows thinned as you aged? Have you tortured them with waxing, plucking and endless tweezing? Perhaps you endured chemo and your brows never returned? We’ve helped several customers with Alopecia, and several that have had little to no brows to begin with.

Microblading typically can be completed in about 2 hours.

Imagine in only 2 hours, having worry free brows for 2 plus years. If you spend about 5 minutes putting your brows every morning that’s 2.5 hours a month you’re staring in the mirror.

Almost painless.

Microblading is uncomfortable, but not painful. We use one of the strongest numbing creams on the market making it virtually painless. After it feels like your brows have a slight sunburn and because our brows are so close to our eyes they may water and your skin will appear irritated but most discomfort disappears after a day or two.

It’s very safe.

Microblading is very safe in the hands of a caring professional, Microblading affects only the top layers of your skin so the risk of infection is very minimal. Our artists have worked in the field since 2008 and are certified thru the phi microblading academy and are happy to walk you through every step of the process.