Facial Rejuvenation ADVAtx


AdvaTX is the first solid state yellow laser with two wavelengths 589nm and 1319nm. Using the AdvaTX we can address Redness, Inflammatory acne, Spider veins, Wrinkles and Scars all in one treatment. The best of all NO DOWNTIME!  Yes! You can address all the above issues with no down time. In as little as an hour, take away years off your skin and stimulate new and healthy collagen.

AdvaTX Results

Acne – AdvaTX shines at reducing inflammatory acne in as little as one treatment. The yellow laser 589nm targets the (Sebaceous Glands) regulating your oil producing glands resulting in a much healthier state. The AdvaTX is safe for all skin types and ages so if if you suffering from hormonal changes that resulted in acne, we can also help your teenager with their pubescent acne as well. The AdvaTX will kill the harmful bacteria that makes acne worse spread and cause redness while stimulating new collagen production producing new beautiful and healthy skin.