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Progressive Dermal Remodeling with Defined Results

 We have many options to suit your facial Rejuvenation needs. Non-Ablative and Ablative or more simply put Aggressive andNon-aggressive forms of facial laser treatments. The Cutera Secret Pro can do both. To Full Dermal remodeling to a tiny Micro Peel, the Cutera Secret Pro has it all.

Two is better than one.
To suit all skin types' needs and issues the Secret Pro offers two treatments in one device. The biggest benefit in collagen production and skin tightening comes from RF Microneedling. Texture, Pigmentation issues, and a fresh new look Co2.Want to look like a movie star and never have to put on make up, do Both” is better

Secret™ PRO Customized Treatments

From Prejuvation(before sun damage and wrinkles) to Rejuvenation (Sun damage, aging and wrinkles) the Cutera Secret Pro can address your issue or prevent it from happening.

Gentle Co2 it exists. Go to work the next day and look amazing. Have an event in a week and are stressed out because you forgot sunscreen all summer? Ultra Light, Sun damaged light texture issues, Ultra Light. Great PREjuvenation, and those with light issues.

Co2 Ultra is for those clients who may have Sun damage, pigmented issues and uneven texture. Results matter and this treatment delivers. This treatment is aggressive and does require some downtime, but you will be amazed at your results.

Refine is RF microneedling Customized for your skin type, a series of dermal remodeling treatments stimulate Collagen at the Cellular level. Improving texture, eliminating fine lines, reducing wrinkles from the Dermal layer fixing and improving your skin leaving your with a flawless epidermis 4 weeks.

This treatment is revolutionizing the beauty industry. You get the Dermal Remodeling of RF Microneedling, and the Skin correcting benefits of Co2 and a personalized aftercare instruction program. This treatment works! No maybe no if, it will make you look like your younger self.

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Secret™ PRO Results