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Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have the desire to remove some unwanted ink? No longer regret looking in the mirror Timberline Spa can help. We use the latest in Laser Tattoo Removal technology the Astanza Duality. We can remove almost any type of ink in a minimum number of treatments.

Treatments start at $50 dollars with packages starting at $200. We will work with you to find the ideal treatment that works within your budget.

We have two experienced Certified Laser Specialists on staff to answer all your questions or concerns. Medically directed, licensed and insured you can be sure from start to finish you will receive the best care.

Although Laser tattoo removal isn’t a pain free experience, we will provide a topical medical grade BLT cream to minimize discomfort. In addition we will also cool and numb the skin before, after, and during treatment with a Zimmer Cryo Cooling system.

Several factors will play into how many treatments are needed to completely fade any unwanted ink. Color type, health, and tattoo age all factor into your individualized treatment plan.
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