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Bright White Laser Teeth Whitening

Our cold light laser is the safest, easiest way to whiten your smile. Let one of CLS techs walk you through the exact same procedure with the exact technology that’s used in your dentist’s office.

Most of our clients move 4-6 shades in as little as 20 minutes. Smoker, heavy coffee drinker, shame on you, but no problem! Extrinsic Stains Coffee, Cigarettes, and Cannabis (yes you Colorado Cannabis Smokers) are the easiest to remove. Drink a pot black coffee and swish it around your mouth every morning, we can help. Used to be a 2 pack a day smoker and now you run marathons, fantastic!  Good for you, come and see us. Love Kung Fu Tea and can get enough oolong milk, but you have a special event coming up, come see us 24 hours before and you will take the most amazing photos! Quit smoking but can’t give up cannabis, I’m not judging but your mom’s not going to believe you stopped smoking, in 20 minutes your secret is safe.  

Let us help you put your best smile forward! 

Found a Laser Light on amazon that promises amazing results might sound attractive. Those light trays work with heat not laser, you are going to be putting that bad boy on 7 to 8 times for 15-20 minutes, to get the same results at Timberline in about 20 minutes.


White Teath

Side effects:

The scary part, the laser gel has peroxide that can mix with your saliva, could leave you with a white spot on your gum for about an hour. Some people will have an increased sensitivity to hot or cold, this generally goes away in a day or two.


Having someone else do it greatly increases the effectiveness of the procedure. You're less likely to burn soft tissue, you’re only going to have to do it once or twice to receive amazing results.

Amazing results in 20 minutes

No take home products

Way faster than anything you can buy over the counter or online.

Won’t break your bank to look like a million bucks



  Avoid dark liquids and carbonated beverages for 24 hours. Avoid old habits that discolored your teeth originally.


Laser whitening at Timberline is way faster and safer than at home. Laser teeth whitening at Timberline is affordable and you can also get your lashes or your nails done before or after.