Microblading PhiBrows in Fort Collins

Not all Microblading artists are created equal. At Timberline Spa we use a technique called Phi Brows it’s a Microblading technique developed in Europe defined and revised, and for a while only a few people could do it.

Brank Babic a renowned Microblading artist and the first to develop the phi technique believe it did take him many years to master, it was very teachable for the person with the right eye and and tender touch. He developed the phi academy and began teaching his technique. Microblading is still relatively a new technique in the beauty industry, but the right people caught on very quickly.

Introducing our Artist, Ly. A veteran in Aesthetics she began studying this technique from Europe from the very Master’s you see in this video. Over the last decade she has helped countless people enhance their natural beauty.

Ly founder of Timberline Spa has been in the beauty industry since the age of 18, and a Permanent Make Up Artist for the last decade is currently a Royal Artist in the PhiAcademy.

Your in great hands in your doing Microblading with her, she constantly expanding her knowledge base and bringing the newest techniques and trends to you.

You have one of the only Royal Microblading Artists in Northern Colorado working with you.

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 The Technique we use to shape the eyebrows is used to compliment all features of your face with ultimate shape and symmetry using the golden mean found in nature the number φ (1.618). Using an eyebrow compass, and the golden mean of Phi we can ensure that your eyebrows will naturally compliment all the features of your face with perfect symmetry.

We solve natural deficiencies. Position and design. Proportion. Algebra.

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 The PhiBrow method of Microblading is feathering natural hair strokes directly below the skin’s surface, which creates gorgeous, natural, beautifully designed eyebrows that are perfectly symmetrical.

The natural realistic hair strokes are created with the slimmest Microblade available in the market today. The Phi pigments are matched seamlessly with your natural eyebrow color and skin type giving you the most natural realistic look as possible.

All Phi pigments do not contain iron oxide found in many pigments today, and they are not tested on animals.

The initial procedure starts with a consultation, we evaluate the client’s wishes and expectations. Then your facial features are measured using an eyebrow compass to ensure proper symmetry and shape. After the measurements are taken we then draw in your ideal shape and arch, and after you are satisfied with the results, we can proceed with Microblading

Microblading Results

Microbladding BeforeMicrobladding After
Microbladding 1 BeforeMicrobladding 1 After